Welcome to Metaversana

First B2E/P2E virtual platform who provide ability to do Business, Create, Play and Earn in a virtual world owned by its users.

Business to Earn (B2E)

Do business, trade, negotiate, recruit on the Metaversana platform and earn tokens for each successful transaction.
Our smart contracts ensure the reliability, security and authenticity of transactions.

Create your own space

Unlock your creative potential with Metaversana’s Builder tool, where you can easily create buildings, wearables, job opportunities, vehicles, and much more.
Once your creations come to life, dive into the world of games and business to earn tokens.
For advanced creators, our SDK opens the door to limitless possibilities, allowing you to design assets, games, and job opportunities. At Metaversana, your creative horizons know no bounds.

Trade and Earn

Discover Metaversana’s marketplace, where you can buy and sell avatars, land, buildings, clothing, cars, and other assets.
Want to keep your NFTs? Rent them out for an additional income stream.
Do business on our platform and earn rewards for positive interactions, including purchases, sales, job offers, and the organization of learning events. Your success is our priority!


  • Up to 10% $MTVR cashback on all NFT transactions
  • Exchange $MTVR on multiple blockchains
  • Trade $MTVR on several CEX/DEX

What is MTVR Token?

$MTVR is a multichain utility token, meticulously crafted with seamless interoperability across various blockchains in mind. By holding MTVR, you gain the authority to influence decisions within the MetaVersana ecosystem through voting rights, enjoy exclusive access to our NFT marketplace, and secure entry to our Metaverse video game.

Members who use $MTVR to buy NFTs on the market will receive 10% cashback in MTVR tokens.

NFT collections


Q3 2021 Balance Trainer
Project Viability Check ▪️ R&D on Metaversana Concept and Business Model ▪️ Formation of Core Team
Q4 2021 Platform Development
Implementation of Tokenomics, Roadmap v1, and Marketing Strategy▪️ Website Launch ▪️ Initial Discussions with Major Investors ▪️ Artistic Concept Design for Metaversana
Q1 2022 Launch Preparations
Creation of Whitepaper v1▪️ Establishment of a Legal Entity▪️ Pre-launch Marketing Campaigns ▪️ Setting up Social Media (Twitter, Discord, Telegram)
Q2 2022 Final concept
Expansion of the Core Team▪️ Launch of Initial Token Pre-sale ▪️ Drafting Roadmap V2 ▪️ Formation of Partnerships
Q3 2022 Expansion and Engagement
Partnership with Fractal for KYC Process▪️ Launch of Token Presale on Our Website ▪️ Airdrop Campaign to Promote the Project ▪️ Creation of an Ambassadors' Community
Q4 2022 Reflection and Planning
Resource and Priority Evaluation ▪️ Planning for Future Steps ▪️ Establishment of Workgroups with Future Partners
Q1/Q2 2023 Recalibration Phase
Development Resources Redirected to Unforeseen Projects ▪️ Technical Team Engaged in External Priorities ▪️ Temporary Impact on Development Timelines ▪️ Commitment to Our Vision Despite Challenges
Q3/Q4 2023 Strengthening and Expansion
Giveaway Events ▪️ Roadmap V2 Update ▪️ Whitepaper V2 Drafting ▪️ Multi-Blockchain Positioning ▪️ Private Fundraisings/IDO Campaigns ▪️ Developer and Marketer Recruitment
Q1 2024 Key Development Milestone
$MTVR Token Listing on CEX/DEX ▪️ MVP Development for Web/Mobile Application ▪️ Initiate Whitelisting for Avatar NFT and Launch NFT Avatar Sale
Q2 2024 Initiating the Economy
NFT Marketplace Launch ▪️ Avatars Collection Launch ▪️ Building a 3D Game Team ▪️ Unveil Artistic Concept
Q3 2024 NFT Land Sale
Development of Metaversana ▪️ Whitelisting for NFT Land Parcels and Land Parcel Sale Launch
Q4 2024 Access to Beta Version
Beta Version Launch of Item Builder ▪️ Beta Version Launch of Metaversana
Q1 2025 Metaversana Launch
Public Access to Metaversana


  • 10% Ecosystem reserve

  • 10% Team

  • 10% Marketing

  • 5% Advisors

  • 20% Staking

  • 20% P2E/B2E

  • 15% Private Sales

  • 5% Seed

  • 5% Public market

Our motivated team